Turkey-Phase 0 is just around the corner

Since May 8th this year EQ-House was asked to support a global OEM to bring back inline a large pipeline project in the middle east. Implementation of specific E-House tools and applications have allowed EQ-House to bring a large team of Turkish nationals back into focus, and drive the project like a well oiled machine.

Phase 0 is the first major milestone in the project for this client. With still a lot of work in front of us the milestone is looking good for completion. The target comprises of 60 buildings to be completed and transported by the end of July. With only 18 days remaining and 16 buildings to go for FAT completion, we are in a strong position.

EQ-House has rapidly implemented with great effect a wide range tools & process improvements based on existing EQ-House templates.

With the tools and processes in place and having trained the local teams how to use them, we expect in the near future to be able to move towards a far less intensive level of EQ-House engagement.

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