The Future of Switchroom & E-House Manufacturing

Ask yourself what are your top 4 driving factors when choosing your E-House Vendor Solution?

  1. Better Margins
  2. Better Designs
  3. Improved Logistics
  4. Fundamentally a product that is actually Fit for purpose (Not just a cookie cutter but something sexy)

The EQ-House team have conducted a number of due diligence activities on identifying low-cost execution environments and applied our skills and expertise to create an optimized and competitive alternative to where you would normally go to bid. Consider EQ-House the pizza slice to your beer.

What is evident to us globally, and to quote the famous words:  ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  As it turns out we see Clients all too regularly taking the approach that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  The funny thing is their process and bid strategies are causing them to lose work they would otherwise be in a  position to win.

Where is the Switchroom / E-House manufacturing market with respect to this?  We all know the industry needs a change but we prefer to be the Ostrich and bury our head in the sand.  Is it that we are too afraid to seek out expert advice when it comes to Switchroom/E-House Design and Manufacturing or do we get so comfortable with what’s worked in the past that we no longer look for more viable cost saving alternatives?

To manage this change it is not as simple as providing an optimized BIM 3D design, applying Web-based QA/QC applications or bringing to the project the expertise needed to deliver on time and on budget.  Everyone claims to be able to do this. It overtly requires the next step in the evolution of Switchroom / E-House manufacturing, a collaboration where all of the applied E-House processes, designs and expertise are combined with a low-cost execution environment.  This has got to be more appealing to you as a client.

We all talk about risk when it comes to an execution model like this.  The risk is only as great as the identified product, the E-house process matrix and the level of expertise implemented to manage the controls.

Contact our team via our website we’d love to discuss your 4 factors to better Switchroom Design and Manufacturing.  With offices in Australia and Singapore we can meet you anyone in the globe.

Speak to an expert

For Expert Tendering Support EQ-House provide sales and estimating support  to ensure that all requirements for your tender submission are fulfilled and compliant.

For Expert Design & Engineering Our team are able to provide efficient, competent and informed E-House designs using 3D BIM design tools.

For Expert Vendor Audits & Inspections Our clients look to us too apply our Equipment House / Switchroom expertise to review vendors and materials suppliers at various stages before and during manufacture.

For Expert Project Audits & Inspections EQ-house investigate and propose solutions to improve productivity and quality to reduce lead times and mitigate cost.

For Expert Construction Management & Supervision Our experience allows us to recognise potential issues early, refute unreasonable variation claims and define solutions to navigate around problems to keep a project moving.

For Expert Equipment Install, Test & Commissioning EQ-House can provide the supervision & QC processes to ensure that all aspects of the equipment install is managed to minimise impact to your schedule and is compliant to your project / installation requirements.

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