Switchgear Optimization=Reduced Footprint


 Switchgear Optimization = Reduced Footprint

Each OEM offers a range of bespoke #Switchgear that has a number of specific requirements from deflections, heat dissipation, arcing to trafficable and serviceable clearances.

The housing of the Switchgear is generally determined by the voltage. Anything below 66Kv can be installed within a #Substation, #EHouse or #Switchroom.  Whereas above 66Kv is outside and air protected.

Understanding the Switchgear requirements and optimal designation within the E-House is what will ultimately dictate the final footprint of your build.  Getting this optimization right means you not only need to understand the Switchgear but you need to know how it integrates into the building and will affect the wall layouts, cable routing, earthing, air-flows, heat dissipation, gas suppression and potential fault detection.

You want to set yourself apart from everyone else and solve design problems early, using tried and true design and buildability methods.  For your next project whether it be Infrastructure, Mining, Rail or Renewables, the EQ-House team are the “Go To” for E-House design optimization and validation.