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It’s been a busy few months at EQ-House with projects and Client visits around the globe.  We are currently managing a team of commissioning personnel to assist in commissioning activities on Traction switchrooms built in-situ.  These switchrooms provide supply to the rail network and house the following core equipment:

  • 33kV GIS
  • 1500 VDC Switchgear
  • PCS
  • 125VDC UPS

So far we have successfully handed over 4 out of 7 prefabricated switchrooms and 5 of the 11 in-situ substations.

Globally EQ-House Asia, operated out of our Singapore office is again offering our Construction Management and Supervision skills in Kuwait overseeing KNPC floor remediation works.  The works will be mainly completed at night due to day work restrictions due to 50°C temperatures during the day. We have engaged with local workforce and are training and supervising floor remediation works including QA/QC procedures to 25 FAR buildings.

A particular testing two months during April/May period was had by our Operations Director who took one for the team during his Supervision of asbestos remediation works where his office resembled what the team affectionately referred to his “troll bridge” site office.  Photos shared from site did confirm that @Brent Sankey had developed eyes as big as saucers, and a nose as long as a poker.   He was heard mumbling “Now, I’m coming to gobble you up”… The contractors were a little scared!!

The Design team has been busy producing our “Sales Sets” for a number of Vendors to assist with their tender submissions.  A set of 5 drawings to accompany your Client tender submission to help with the interpretation of inputs requested by the Client.  With 360° views it really is your best tool to win more tenders.

Our tendering and sales support has seen us very busy closing the gap on design optimisations and specification reviews for a global OEM in the UK who was in the process of going to tender for it’s new switchrooms project in Africa.   EQ-House were asked to review specifications and documents, collect equipment data, including type, interfacing requirements and physical properties. We were able to prepare a GA for Tender purposes and Elevations for release to Manufacturing vendors along with providing the Client with a list of clarifications and optimisation points for them to take back to their Client.

To see out the quarter we were invited to collaborate with an OEM in Power Conversion Infrastructure ASIA PACIFIC to assist it’s Australian Vendor with our expertise and experience to provide design solutions and verification for inverter and battery system containment for it’s solar project in Australia.  Our review provided all required outcomes to produce an AS compliant design and optimisation and SID (Safety in Design).

From Tendering Support to Equipment Install, Test & Commissioning solutions we’ve provided these services and everything in between.  If we can help you with any of our 6 key elements to a successful Equipment House / Switchroom project, please get in touch with the team.

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For Expert Tendering Support EQ-House provide sales and estimating support  to ensure that all requirements for your tender submission are fulfilled and compliant.

For Expert Design & Engineering Our team are able to provide efficient, competent and informed E-House designs using 3D BIM design tools.

For Expert Vendor Audits & Inspections Our clients look to us too apply our Equipment House / Switchroom expertise to review vendors and materials suppliers at various stages before and during manufacture.

For Expert Project Audits & Inspections EQ-house investigate and propose solutions to improve productivity and quality to reduce lead times and mitigate cost.

For Expert Construction Management & Supervision Our experience allows us to recognise potential issues early, refute unreasonable variation claims and define solutions to navigate around problems to keep a project moving.

For Expert Equipment Install, Test & Commissioning EQ-House can provide the supervision & QC processes to ensure that all aspects of the equipment install is managed to minimise impact to your schedule and is compliant to your project / installation requirements.

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