LED – The way to go!!

LED (short for light emitting diode) are the most efficient lighting choice by quite some margin, using only 1/3rd of the energy of fluorescent lights and could potentially reducing your lights’ energy consumption in a switchroom by 80%. This is because it needs a lot less heat to generate light, which is good news for your HVAC system.

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, the temperature of the room won’t affect the efficiency of LED, so they’re energy saving all year round. LEDs also last more than 8 x times longer than fluorescents this could be up to 80,000 hours, so in the end the client will not have to replace them as often and the other options mentioned before.

Now for the bump on the head… LED lights are generally more expensive to purchase than other light types, advances in manufacturing technology mean they are getting cheaper all the time so for now they are the more expensive option to go for in the short term but because they are a lot more efficient and last longer than the king, Mr Bradman at the wicket, you will be much better off in the long run.

Other factors to consider is that LEDs generate directional light so they need to be placed in the correct location and some now come with diffusers, which can help this issue a lot.

Making a decision

Next time you’re looking at your lighting GA for your building or switchroom, contact EQ-House because we think about more than just the price tag. A considered choice with our Lux calculations could have much larger benefits for your building lights’ performance and the environmental impact in the long run.  1300 360 545 to light up your project!

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