“Sometimes your only available transportation is A LEAP OF FAITH” -Margaret Shepard

2018 the year of EQ-House

In 2018 EQ-House are committed to growing relationships with our business partners. We help turn distressed projects into low risk outcomes. We can provide you with the right people and the right tools to improve profitability.

We strive under stressful situations and our expertise lends itself to understanding the intricacies of Switchrooms, E-Houses, Substations and E-House design, management and constructability.

Our knowledge and years of experience ensures that our solutions are contemporary and consistently updating with industry requirements. This is our strength and is reflected in our approach and behaviours and methodology.

At EQ-House we Evaluate, Observe and Develop tools to help your business in the 6 key elements to Successful E- House & Switchroom Projects.

Our approach is to place ourselves as part of our Client’s organisation, valued asset and the piece to complete the puzzle. There to enhance our clients success and mitigate risk.

If you’re not already familiar with our services and projects, 2018 is the perfect time to make contact with us 1300 360 545 and understand how we can help you and your business.