Is your business ready to offer a full turnkey solution?

Are you ready to “Go to Market”?


What does it truly mean for a Vendor to be ready to “go to market” on a tender or bid proposal?


For one it is about utilising their internal and external resources to deliver a unique proposal to their customers.  Secondly going to market is about achieving an advantage over your competitors.  This is where EQ-House can be helpful to recognise and enhance your overall proposition with your Client.


Our Services are available at any stage of the process, but we do encourage you to get EQ-House involved as quickly as possible to increase sales effectiveness through solution optimisation and product competence.


We pride ourselves on having a team that knows all facets of the E-House sector from initial bids, design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning.  Understanding the competition in the market is crucial, as crucial as understanding the risks involved in manufacturing switchrooms and our services help to mitigate long term and expensive risk to Vendors who traditionally have only been involved in the supply of switchgear, but now trying to cement themselves as a Vendor of choice to provide a full supply and construct or turnkey solution.


Recognising that today’s business requires a multifaceted, productive and innovative workforce that is ever evolving for each new and unique project, it is not feasible to be hiring and firing specialised staff.  EQ-House are your resourcing specialist in E-House solutions.


We can provide you with a proposal for the engagement of specialised team members who will integrate if required into your existing office environment working with your staff to assist them to build their knowledge base.  So not only do we integrate to assist with the project at hand, but we also leave having had upskilled your existing staff for future growth of your business.  Consider engaging our team to get the right skills, at the right time in the right place.


Our team is ready to help you with bid, design, training and QA solutions, contact us or call one of our team 1300 360 545.