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Inspection Reports

Re-capping on last weeks blog about Inspection Reports and Test Plans we know that‘s the name suggests; Inspection & Test Plans are a plan for when, what and how you will conduct inspections to ensure your work is meeting necessary standards.  The Compliance Council agreethat the use of an ITP will ensure quality is systematically put under the microscope throughout critical stages of your project”.

However the Inspection and Test Plan being the higher level mechanism for client acceptance and approval requires that as part of performing Quality Control we need to have continual verification of our Quality systems.

Described and Inspection reports, Inspection Checklists, Quality Metrics and a myriad of other names, these documents form the backbone for the ensuring that business quality processes are performed throughout the various phases of a project.   Having a verification process in place provides both you and your client the confidence that the project is tracking as it should in relations to Time, Cost and Quality.

Inspection reports provide the ability to clearly show the client that the validation of deliverables has been completed in line with the project specifications and quality requirements.

Every business should have Inspection Reports and Checklist linking to the higher level Inspection and Test Plan that clearly defines the following:

  • Activity undertaken (by stage or step)
  • Inspection type ( be is review of documentation, visual inspection or testing
  • Acceptance criteria (approved drawings, material receipting, country Standard ie AS/NZ)
  • Verification criteria (confirmation that the task has been completed i.e., Testing documentation and results)
  • Inspection sign off (Trade or profession physically completing the work)

Providing the clear quality processes that define your scope and ensure compliance is a critical element of ensuring Time, Cost and Quality are meet and the client walks away satisfied with a job well done.

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