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How Important is your E-house Design GA?

The importance of a good design GA

Even the most competent of Engineers can struggle with the best starting point for preparing their E-house Design GA . The most competent of Engineers often have concerns about accepting the challenge of completing, what can sometimes be challenging E-house arrangements.  EQ-House provide a level of expert oversight that gets your starting point for design “on-point” even if you have limited documentation at your disposal.


At best you may receive the following documents and information:

  • Specifications
  • Clients Equipment
  • Conceptual Design from EPC or End User

So without the benefit of having all of the information required at your disposal, where do you start?   Generally at tender or at the early stages​ of the project​, no-one usually knows what exactly is going into the building, including the end user.  The reality is the only way forward from your perspective is to take what you know and apply this to whatever documentation that is available to come up with the best possible design GA.  


This approach may come with concerns about whether the building is too large or over engineered?  More than likely, from our experience this will be the case unfortunately.

The reality is you are engineering the best design you can, all things considered. From here though is where your next decision will make a difference, do you submit the design to the client and have it returned with red pen all over it?  Or do you have it peer reviewed by a third party?

It’s always a good idea to have your work reviewed especially at such a critical stage. 

The EQ-house team of professionals have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to E-house designs to know how and where to optimize your design. Asking for a review at this stage will reduce your design schedule milestones and have you moving into Stage 2 quickly.

The GA is the foundation of your E-House design, getting it right is important not just for the client but this helps you save money and improve on build time.

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