Who We Are

EQ-House offers a broad range of services for E-house & Switchroom manufacturers, integrators and buyers.  Delivering improved business and project outcomes in the application of E-house & Switchroom expertise through sales, design, engineering, construction, equipment installation and site commissioning phases.

Our Approach

We see ourselves as part of our clients organization, valued asset and the piece to complete the puzzle.  There to enhance our clients success and mitigate risk.  If you would like to know how we might work with your team… get in touch!  We’ll guide you and your project in the right direction. 

Why Choose Us

We are focused solely on E-houses, we know of no other specialist in this space globally.  E-houses are our passion and unlike other consultants we are focused on applying our expertise and processes on getting things done quickly and efficiently as possible.

Risk mitigation specialists in
equipment house & switchroom audits