Execution Planning and Project Deliverables

“Get your feet under the table”…as a Project Manager it is critical to understand some key elements to enable you to respond and plan to some key deliverables:

  1. Confirming schedule, activities and resources?
  2. Where and what are the constraints and risks?
  3. What is the budget?
  4. Understand the stakeholders and how they may affect or influence the project.

Although there are many more processes and management tools tied to the above, answering these 5 questions allow for you to have a good handle on the age old ‘Time. Cost, Quality, Risk and Resource’ constraints.

  1. Project scope and deliverables that are identified can be broken into smaller parts so that from the first instance you and your team may more easily manage the tasks
  2. Knowledge of the schedule and the activities required to be completed then allows you and your team to clearly identify and allocate (or find) the right resources to fill the breach
  3. Is the schedule a constraint (do you need to fast track), is the requirement to have people working remotely a risk (cost + time). Have all your suppliers been prequalified and following QC process?  All relevant questions that are always best discussed and planned in the early stages of execution.
  4. Does the budget provided reflect the reality.  Are you expected to deliver a realistic project or has it been ‘gold plated’.  Either way identifying the budget and whether you will meet it will again need to be digested early within your project planning and execution.   Identify any short falls, be open and honest with the client and deal with the ‘pain’ early rather than in the end with turmoil
  5. Finally, determining the stakeholders on a project will help immeasurably as you move through the project.   Consideration and communication with the stakeholders, whether they be internal, external, suppliers, governing bodies helps build relationships, trust and will allow for ‘buy in’ to the project should and when you need support or decisions made.

Clear, open and honest communication with the stakeholders is imperative to ensure a successful project that will come in on time, on budget and with high quality.

EQ House can assist with evaluating and identifying potential issues early, refute unreasonable timelines and define solutions to navigate around problems to keep a project moving before an harmful impact.

If your program is already in trouble, EQ-House will provide personnel and tools to assist with returning your project to run “on-time”. Creating a meaningful and connected Gantt chart with a pragmatic and experienced view of resources and time allows us to test the reality of the situation and identify opportunities to improve schedule with correct resourcing and paralleling of scope. Contact the team 1300 360 545.

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For Expert Tendering Support EQ-House provide sales and estimating support  to ensure that all requirements for your tender submission are fulfilled and compliant.

For Expert Design & Engineering Our team are able to provide efficient, competent and informed E-House designs using 3D BIM design tools.

For Expert Vendor Audits & Inspections Our clients look to us too apply our Equipment House / Switchroom expertise to review vendors and materials suppliers at various stages before and during manufacture.

For Expert Project Audits & Inspections EQ-house investigate and propose solutions to improve productivity and quality to reduce lead times and mitigate cost.

For Expert Construction Management & Supervision Our experience allows us to recognise potential issues early, refute unreasonable variation claims and define solutions to navigate around problems to keep a project moving.

For Expert Equipment Install, Test & Commissioning EQ-House can provide the supervision & QC processes to ensure that all aspects of the equipment install is managed to minimise impact to your schedule and is compliant to your project / installation requirements.

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