E-House Bidding Made Easy

Finally an estimating package for the E-House and Switchroom industry that eliminates the hassle of manual quoting and produces a competent bid in less time and with documentation that will make a big impact on your Clients.

We would like to introduce you to the EQ-House EQ-U8 app.  This E-House bidding app can produce fast, precise bids both in Australia and Globally.  The EQ-House team over the last few years have been working with vendors globally to apply the necessary inputs that can now produce either Market Estimates or Bid to Buy proposals for you.

There are many factors we are consistently seeing that will be contributing to poor bid success:

  • Overcommitting to a client too early
  • Over-engineering or Over Specifying the build
  • Poor execution location
  • Or simply just not getting them out on time!

The reality is in our ever demanding world getting put under the pump for a tender is not unusual, however

what traditionally would take a couple of weeks the EQ-House team can produce a Bid for you in as little as 3-5 days with the correct inputs.

The EQ-U8 app will produce for you the following documents:

  • Scope of Works (Order of precedence docs)
  • Clarifications, Enhancements & Deviations (Optimizations available)
  • Commercial Proposal (Itemized payment schedule)
  • Detailed Inclusions Document
  • Detailed Equipment Lists

Forget thinking that only your team can do your own quotes effectively, let us do the hard work for you.  Consider one of two solutions:

  • We can setup and train your staff in-house;  or
  • With your inputs we can be your estimating resource minus the HR costs

For well resolved, competent and compliant E-House bids contact the EQ-House team via email | admin@eq-house.com or  www.eq-house.com

Speak to an expert

For Expert Tendering Support EQ-House provide sales and estimating support  to ensure that all requirements for your tender submission are fulfilled and compliant.

For Expert Design & Engineering Our team are able to provide efficient, competent and informed E-House designs using 3D BIM design tools.

For Expert Vendor Audits & Inspections Our clients look to us too apply our Equipment House / Switchroom expertise to review vendors and materials suppliers at various stages before and during manufacture.

For Expert Project Audits & Inspections EQ-house investigate and propose solutions to improve productivity and quality to reduce lead times and mitigate cost.

For Expert Construction Management & Supervision Our experience allows us to recognise potential issues early, refute unreasonable variation claims and define solutions to navigate around problems to keep a project moving.

For Expert Equipment Install, Test & Commissioning EQ-House can provide the supervision & QC processes to ensure that all aspects of the equipment install is managed to minimise impact to your schedule and is compliant to your project / installation requirements.

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