Halogen – phew… It’s hot in here…

Lighting accounts for up to 18% of the electricity we use at home. So, the type of light fitting and bulb you choose is important and all areas of industry and home. That’s why we look at the many differences between halogen, LED, and fluorescent lights in our designs and how the long-term cost (or saving) is more than just the purchase price for the client.

A halogen light, or incandescent bulb, creates high output light by running electricity through a filament. They’re relatively cheap to purchase and produces white light but when it comes to luminesce (LUX) they are better used in external settings like a flood light like you would see at a sport stadium with high ventilation.

They are a high potential fire hazard around homes and other smaller building spaces with little ventilation like inside your roof space when you install it into the ceiling. This is because a halogen bulb emits light by burning white hot. The filament reaches an incredible 2500°C and the bulb 500°C. In fact, only 10% of the electricity used by these bulbs goes towards creating light, with a whopping 90% turned into heat, so efficiency is extremely low. In a typical switchroom for example with high heat being produced by equipment and throw in summer heat from the sun, your HVAC system will have to work a lot harder to compensate for the extra heat being generated.

All this combined with the fact these lights only last for around 1000 hours means that in the end it’s the client paying a lot more for halogen lights in the long run and why we never use it in our design for internal lighting it’s just not safe with extreme inefficiency.

Our expertise in E-Houses & the equipment they contain means that we can assist in Design Optimisation to reduce cost, apply standards and improve competitiveness.

Our design reviews also consider the practicality and safety aspects of manufacturing the E-House.

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