E-House Process Strategy & Training

The life-cycle for an efficient and effective E-House project is incredibly important and ultimately defines the success of your project.

Does your current process give you a cost effective and accurate estimate along with a well understood and clearly defined construction method?

The above process flow is unfortunately all too common amongst E-House projects leaving you chasing your tail trying to save the project rather than deliver it.  
With the EQ-House Process Strategy & Training implemented into your E-House business the outcomes will be more streamlined to look like this.

Efficiency in your Process & Design Flow is what defines the success of an E-House project.  Being adaptable to make quick changes leading up to Design Freeze can save you time during construction.  

The EQ-House Strategy Process & Training packages give your team the tools they need to streamline your project flow matrix.
Its an easy transition to make.  Contact our team on 1300 360 545