Integration Competence in E-House Management Personnel

EQ-House prides itself on having experienced Construction Managers that not only have E-House experience but have either come from or developed their skills in a variety of sectors in the construction industry.  Whether they came from Commercial or retail fitouts or multi-level construction, the defining difference is the ability to understand the importance of integration.  Knowing and Seeing before it happens mitigates a multitude of risks with structure, Architecture, Fire ratings, HVAC systems, Fire & Gas Systems and Small L&P systems.  

Could your business benefit from a specialist Integration Construction Manager?

At EQ-House our team is comprised of personnel who are experts in implementing and managing processes for integration development and governance.

When collaborating with us your project will benefit from a cooperative and coordinated construction sequence that will be managed based on an #E-House specific schedule.  We will leverage the competence and resources across all contractors to reduce project delivery times.

If the Design, Quality, HSE and Production phases of your project are a PRIORITY, then CONTACT US.

EQ-House have what it takes to get your project running on time and under-budget without

compromising on – safety, quality or time.