E-House Business Collaboration

The Art of Collaboration in Business


The art of collaboration provides businesses with the skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s competitive climate. Historically and unfortunately our phone rings when a collaborative approach has fallen down.

At EQ-House our ethos is to align with our clients needs, goals and outcomes. To form a multi-functional team with your employees and project stakeholders that are already tasked with completing the specified project.  We assist them to complete the project within the necessary period of time.

Embracing a collaboration with EQ-House value adds to your #EHouse business offering.

We guide you on ways to resolve issues with Clients and find the best path forward.

Whether it be within your own business or with consultants and vendors, an even keeled approach is needed to get any job done. EQ-House can collaborate with clients to achieve their goals and with vendors to provide a number of services from design through to commissioning.

Here are the top five collaboration tips to lead a high performing team and to be as effective as you can:

  1. Get everyone on the same page
  2. Set expectations
  3. Use tech tools
  4. Be open about everything
  5. Hold effective team meetings

EQ-House help you set-up the tools and processes for a more collaborative project and impartially get everyone on the same page.  Call us today 1300 360 545