electric switchroom

Why commercial sites need an electric switchroom

An E-House  is a building commuters often drive past; they don’t pay much attention to it. On the outside it looks like an ordinary building, but the inside is a very different story. Major commercial and industrial sites always have one of these around, and they vary in size. Some have the same dimensions of a granny flat, others a two storey house.


Commercial sites like mining, telecoms, and rail transport need their electrical switchrooms  close by for better access to their switchboards and equipment. EQ-House is available at any stage, from initial design to completion. We conduct audits, manage  construction, and make sure everything is compliant before all systems are ready to Plug and Play.


Any electric switchroom project designed or overseen by the EQ-House team is  guaranteed to be top quality. Our team has decades of experience in both design and Construction management. That means that we have the resources and knowledge to source quality vendors and design the substations in rapid time. EQ-House projects are designed to order, depending on the client’s needs. With this in mind the EQ-House automated design software allows you to submit E-House designs to your client with the confidence it will be in one submission rather than six.


Commercial sites need an electrical switchroom for a number of reasons, immediate plug & play  and safety being the top two. In the past, electricians and project managers would have made a trek out to the substation to get readings and fix any problems. Travel time and materials are saved when the electrical switchroom is moved to a modular building close by. If there’s a problem, it won’t take long to fix.


EQ-House is often contracted to tender, design, and audit the vendors who will build the substations. We’re the unbiased, expert eye that will oversee the whole project, if needs be. We make visits to the intended work site and the vendor facility to access capabilities. . This is where the main structure is prefabricated before moving to its new home.