Coating Systems HDG vs Painted

E-House Coating Systems – HDG vs Painted

Continuing on the E-house build series from our article BOLTED vs WELDED discussion the first hurdle is client acceptance when recommending Galvanised vs Painted.

In some instances the client will not budge on the specification, however if the advantages are made clear their position may change to allow an ‘enhancement or deviation’ to the original specification.

This is the case with Galvanising vs Painted protective coating systems.  Whilst lead times may be an issue when galvanising steel the advantage is the process is a simple one that has not changed much in 200 years.   

Most painted systems used on structural steel require as  part of the system, blasting, prep, bottom coat, mid coat and top coat.  All of which require close monitoring and controls to ensure adhesion requirements due to dry times, environment, weather, humidity, dew point and other factors.   Galvanising on the other hand requires abrasive blasting (if required), cleaning (pickling), Galvanising (dipping) and QA, processes which are consistent with the result and coverage and not reliant on environmental factors.   

From this standpoint a saving in cost and time can be appreciable.

From the End Client’s perspective the advantages of moving to a galvanised system can be highlighted as follows:

1. Galvanized is generally the least expensive choice as opposed to other high spec labour intensive coating systems
2. Less maintenance in both short and long term scenarios.  Short term being damaged in transit to the manufacturing facility would need the system to be blasted and recoated in the required system & long term maintenance once in service.  
3. Longer life span.  Most projects now ask for 20+ years serviceability.  Galvanising on typical structural members have a life expectancy in excess of 100yrs
4. Durability – Galvanising due to its metallurgical structure provides outstanding resistance to damage during transport, erection and service as highlighted above
5. Fast assembly:  Once manufacture galvanised steel is ready for immediate use, unlike the painted systems, no time is lost on paint cure times with any touch ups, regardless of weather, can be applied in minutes.

The essence of the discussion for your next project when deciding on the protective coating system and construction method is what will be of most benefit in reducing time, reducing cost and providing longevity in a quality product.

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