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The specifications will vary considerably depending on the nature of your project and the preferences of your client. Many project specifications will have an inherent complexity with numerous cross-references including external references to codes, standards, and other specification. Untangling and understanding the web of requirements with the client at the start of the project is a critical path function of the Project Manager.

The Project Manager’s role is to meet the agreed project scope and requirements and this means being able to recognize technical issues that need expert advice and to procure a resource to ensure compliance.

This could be a discussion with a specialist solutions provider like EQ-House to get an understanding of what the specification is calling for.  In an industry that is notorious for ‘cutting and pasting’ we can cut through whether there are requirement conflicts between the documents which need a Technical Query raised.

It’s critical to get onto this early so that when you’re scoping works you are calling for the correct goods and services, and not something which will lead to changes and variations down the track.

EQ House has a team of industry Specialists supporting our partner clients with all aspects of design, specification and construction of Equipment Houses (E-Houses), Switchrooms and communications buildings for the utilities, mining and O&G applications.

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For Expert Tendering Support EQ-House provide sales and estimating support  to ensure that all requirements for your tender submission are fulfilled and compliant.

For Expert Design & Engineering Our team are able to provide efficient, competent and informed E-House designs using 3D BIM design tools.

For Expert Vendor Audits & Inspections Our clients look to us too apply our Equipment House / Switchroom expertise to review vendors and materials suppliers at various stages before and during manufacture.

For Expert Project Audits & Inspections EQ-house investigate and propose solutions to improve productivity and quality to reduce lead times and mitigate cost.

For Expert Construction Management & Supervision Our experience allows us to recognise potential issues early, refute unreasonable variation claims and define solutions to navigate around problems to keep a project moving.

For Expert Equipment Install, Test & Commissioning EQ-House can provide the supervision & QC processes to ensure that all aspects of the equipment install is managed to minimise impact to your schedule and is compliant to your project / installation requirements.

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