Repeat After Me “I need support”

Success in Project Management or Construction Management requires learning as fast as the Project Environment is changing.

The EQ-House Construction & Project Management team have the ability to plan efficiently rather than react to the declining situation. The years of experience combined with “Tried & Tested” #Ehouse manufacturing processes make them the perfect choice to bring your project back on track.

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E-House in the Cloud

Client adopts EQ-House cloud based Quality Control systems to improve production outcomes.

EQ-House has signed a long term agreement to:

  • Adapt its well developed QC systems and tools to its clients business.
  • Train staff in the structure and use of the QC systems.
  • Provide ongoing support for the systems and software.

EQ-House’s quality management system, developed specifically for E-House construction includes cloud based real time QC Progress tracking. This was important to our client who regularly encountered costly quality issues late in the project.

By implementing EQ-House cloud based systems, our Client and their Client can keep on top of the project quality without having to step onto the shop floor.

If you are wanting to take your business to soar above the clouds and get ahead of your competition contact our team today.

EQ-House helps client win E-House Project – 44 Buildings

Congratulations to the EQ-House team and their client!

Our client was targeting a large infrastructure project and needed a to do things differently to be successful.

EQ-House team were engaged to:

  • Review specifications & define an optimised solution,

  • Prepare sales drawings including 3D views,

  • Prepare the estimates,

  • Present to the client,

  • Negotiate the specifications,

  • Identified specialist Sub-Vendors & material supplies.

  • Agree the QC control points with the client.

Our client was successful in receiving the award commenting “We could not have got they’re without you guys”.

We are now excited to be helping our Client through the execution phase.

Lets us help you be more successful in your E-House projects.

E-House Project Disasters

Does it feel like your E-House project is a ship heading for an iceberg?

  • Vendor out of control
  • Behind Schedule
  • Design Not resolved
  • QA/QC systems not in place

EQ-House have established a reputation of being the “Red Adair’s” of the E-House industry. We can come in and immediately conduct a project Audit outlining what is needed to bring the project back on track. Then at your discretion implement what is necessary to get the job done quickly.

Don’t leave it until the ship hits the iceberg and starts to sink.



Integration Competence in E-House Management Personnel

EQ-House prides itself on having experienced Construction Managers that not only have E-House experience but have either come from or developed their skills in a variety of sectors in the construction industry.  Whether they came from Commercial or retail fitouts or multi-level construction, the defining difference is the ability to understand the importance of integration.  Knowing and Seeing before it happens mitigates a multitude of risks with structure, Architecture, Fire ratings, HVAC systems, Fire & Gas Systems and Small L&P systems.  

Could your business benefit from a specialist Integration Construction Manager?

At EQ-House our team is comprised of personnel who are experts in implementing and managing processes for integration development and governance.

When collaborating with us your project will benefit from a cooperative and coordinated construction sequence that will be managed based on an #E-House specific schedule.  We will leverage the competence and resources across all contractors to reduce project delivery times.

If the Design, Quality, HSE and Production phases of your project are a PRIORITY, then CONTACT US.

EQ-House have what it takes to get your project running on time and under-budget without

compromising on – safety, quality or time.


How to build an E-House anywhere in the world!

Despite typical belief, the E-House business model of building in a location Far from the intended final resting place is not always the best choice.  As a project team you are driven to make these decisions because your not confident in local vendor competency.


Forcing you to manufacture in a location that has higher labor costs, higher material costs and higher incurred transport expenses.  Location not only affects local costs it has forced impacts on design eg: Road transport vs Shipping – The associated forces on road transport are far less than what needs to be factored into the engineering than that of shipping.  All of these factors will impact design, build process, budget and schedule.


Stop thinking old school!  Our E-House specific design, estimation & QA/QC tools along with a few very key people will allow you to build anywhere in the world.  Enabling you to drive local teams to build a proven design and mitigate risks and prevent cost blowouts.  This not only benefits you with better labor rates, and little to no transportation costs but supports local economies.
Enquire to find out our best local vendor selection in your location.

The Importance of project specification reviews for E-House builds

Technical specifications deserve special attention especially for complex equipment and challenging environments like Electrification.  This is not something you want to risk not having the right people with the right skills “running their eyes over”.  EQ|House have the resources and expertise to ensure that what is written and requested in your project specification;

  1. Meets code
  2. Is up-to-date with the latest industry requirements
  3. Is IEC or AS compliant


All too often specifications provided by the Client are a “cut and paste” of a previous or HOW and WHY of the build itself, so a thorough and proper review at the time of tender will enable you to request clarifications and information from the Client prior to your bid being finalised.  Ensuring that any technical issues are questioned and answered allowing your bid to satisfy the full requirements of the project at build stage.


Specifications provide the framework against which bid evaluation, inspection, tests and quality checks are made.  Failure to give this review process the time it deserves could turn out to be a costly mistake in the long run.   With many specifications combining different categories such as functionality, performance and technical details, having an external resources who understand the relationships between all three categories is essential to mitigate cost loss during and at the end of the project.


Part of the EQ|House TENDER PROCESS includes project specification and tender documentation review and the assistance to prepare on your behalf a schedule of inclusions, clarifications and deviations as identified from our review of all tender documentation.


Common concerns that we see include compliance with equipment placement within the E-House itself, Fire and HVAC installation and commissioning to meet various environmental conditions and applications.  More often these days projects are executed overseas but are targeted for your local market.  Here more than ever is where the project specification review and compliance is critical.
Remove the uncertainty from your next project, engage with EQ-House for a specification review via our website and one of our team will be in touch with you to assist with the most valuable stage of your next project.

Turkey-Phase 0 is just around the corner

Since May 8th this year EQ-House was asked to support a global OEM to bring back inline a large pipeline project in the middle east. Implementation of specific E-House tools and applications have allowed EQ-House to bring a large team of Turkish nationals back into focus, and drive the project like a well oiled machine.

Phase 0 is the first major milestone in the project for this client. With still a lot of work in front of us the milestone is looking good for completion. The target comprises of 60 buildings to be completed and transported by the end of July. With only 18 days remaining and 16 buildings to go for FAT completion, we are in a strong position.

EQ-House has rapidly implemented with great effect a wide range tools & process improvements based on existing EQ-House templates.

With the tools and processes in place and having trained the local teams how to use them, we expect in the near future to be able to move towards a far less intensive level of EQ-House engagement.

If your current or upcoming project could benefit from a project audit to assist with processes to improve productivity and quality, click here to request a no obligation solution appraisal today