Managing Client Expectations

As writer Barbara Kingsolver quotes “ Value is not made of money but a tender balance of expectation and longing”

Managing client expectations is the single most important aspect to maintaining and nurturing that relationship.  An E-House project with all of its complexities, moves through a number of stages in its project life-cycle. From the tender process to design through to the final execution.  We also know there is a considerable amount of detail in between these project functions.

The project steps are fundamentally under your control, however one of your biggest challenges is managing client expectations and more often than not managing an inexperienced client-side team which takes time, practice and experience to understand.

Your best offense is to anticipate your Client’s needs before they know their own need.  But how do you do that when E-Houses are not your speciality? The keys to success in managing client expectations is invariably your E-House experience and the ability to maintain structure and process no matter the challenges ahead.

The EQ-House “6 Key Elements” to success of the project life-cycle are supported by well resolved tools and software that enable our already experienced team to be in the driving seat when it comes to the client.  Too often we see Project Managers being pulled from Pillar to Post due to inexperience and not maintaining process.

As a Project Manager you may not know everything about an E-House but you are expected to know when to engage with specialists. Take control of your project!  

Engage with the EQ-House team to apply the “6 Key Elements” and allow us to support you in a successful outcome.  With our team located throughout Australia and in Singapore we are happy to arrange a meeting in your office to discuss managing your Client and Projects’ expectations.

Rail Oil and Mining

Reducing your risk in the E-House Design/Build Stage

Rail Oil and Mining

Reducing your risk in the E-House Design/Build Stage


Typically the OEM or EPC goes to market to a number of E-House vendors which in turn submit to client their own standard design concepts, usually without any real thought to the actual project needs. I hear this all too often – “We have been building them like this for years!”.

Does this make it efficient or practical to the project from an engineering or logistical perspective? In reality, No!

As we know the E-House market is spread across several spaces in which we could summarize within the Market Pyramid. At the top and most competitive is Oil & Gas (Smallest Market Group), in the middle is Mining/Metals, Infrastructure, Rail and Utilities (Largest Market Group) and at the base of the Pyramid is Renewables etc. How do you select a vendor that is most suitable for these different groups. If your an Oil & Gas vendor you are used to high spec, heavy engineering and use software that is specific to this. If your a Mining & Metals vendor your will be well suited to lightweight stick builds that offer a fast production time. From a client’s perspective this is like speaking another language as they are simply looking for someone to build it.

As the OEM or the EPC in this equation, the obvious alternative is to address your “Go to Market” process. Don’t “Go to Market” looking for 3 different vendors who will submit 3 different designs – this is time consuming and not practical. The solution is to engage the experts – at EQ-House we will review your specs or create them if they don’t exist. From this an experienced team will create your design utilizing our 3D BIM software that is the most practical design solution for your market space. As the client this benefits you not only from consistency in build method but you will also have a clear understanding of cost to market.

This may seem like your adding a step to your process matrix but in actual reality you are removing a large number of activities, reducing your risk and submissions to client.

Can your project bottom line afford not to engage with professionals in the E-House space?