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Navigating Fire Risk in your E-House


There are a number of practical and functional ways to protect an E-House from Fire Risk unfortunately the practicalities of a fire systems with respect  to Statutory Codes and Project specifications are misinterpreted.

Whether the rating required is internal or external, what the best product is and how to apply it or as in many cases if protecting the subfloor is required, can often cause stress within the design phase of a project.   

Dealing with the issue when you are in production is amplified even more if all the elements of Fire risk are not understood or applied..

Further to this are environmental site factors that need to be considered around site location in relation to other equipment and building levels.

EQH can help your business navigate the often confusing and ‘grey’ area of building fire ratings to ensure compliance to both Standards, Codes and Project specifications on your projects

Contact us for an expert review of your fire risk requirements.

worker falling on wet floor crying in pain

The Importance of Reporting Workplace Hazards

Reporting Workplace Hazards

You are walking through the workshop and you notice a large patch of oil in the walkway. Without really thinking you walk around it and continue on your way to the lunchroom for smoko. You have been working hard all morning and just want to grab a coffee and sit down for something to eat. You almost make it to the door leading from the workshop when you hear a shout and then a strange gurgling noise. You turn around to see one of your workmates lying unconscious in the patch of oil with blood starting to pool around his head…

No, this is not a scene from a movie, but something that happens all too often in our workplaces. Whether it is that patch of oil you walk past; or the bloke balancing on the ladder that you choose to ignore; or the electrical lead lying in a puddle of water; we just don’t seem to realise the potential for these hazards to hurt us or our workmates. They might not hurt us today or tomorrow, but the longer we ignore these hazards the greater the chance that eventually someone gets hurt.

The most effective method of controlling and identifying workplace hazards is with a Worksite Housekeeping Checklist. A procedure which identifies and lists out common and potential hazards that can occur on a daily basis. From general housekeeping to factory and work areas, amenities and emergency equipment. The more we spend time in one place the more likely we are to take situations and environment for granted. This type of checklist allows us to be safe and vigilant at all times.

The equation is simple: HAZARD + IGNORANCE = INJURY (eventually)

REMEMBER, REPORT ALL HAZARDS (or the next worker that ends up in hospital may be you!).

If you’re not sure that your Vendor, site or factory is doing all it can to identify hazard reductions get in touch with our team.


E-House Business Collaboration

The Art of Collaboration in Business


The art of collaboration provides businesses with the skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s competitive climate. Historically and unfortunately our phone rings when a collaborative approach has fallen down.

At EQ-House our ethos is to align with our clients needs, goals and outcomes. To form a multi-functional team with your employees and project stakeholders that are already tasked with completing the specified project.  We assist them to complete the project within the necessary period of time.

Embracing a collaboration with EQ-House value adds to your #EHouse business offering.

We guide you on ways to resolve issues with Clients and find the best path forward.

Whether it be within your own business or with consultants and vendors, an even keeled approach is needed to get any job done. EQ-House can collaborate with clients to achieve their goals and with vendors to provide a number of services from design through to commissioning.

Here are the top five collaboration tips to lead a high performing team and to be as effective as you can:

  1. Get everyone on the same page
  2. Set expectations
  3. Use tech tools
  4. Be open about everything
  5. Hold effective team meetings

EQ-House help you set-up the tools and processes for a more collaborative project and impartially get everyone on the same page.  Call us today 1300 360 545


Coating Systems HDG vs Painted

E-House Coating Systems – HDG vs Painted

Continuing on the E-house build series from our article BOLTED vs WELDED discussion the first hurdle is client acceptance when recommending Galvanised vs Painted.

In some instances the client will not budge on the specification, however if the advantages are made clear their position may change to allow an ‘enhancement or deviation’ to the original specification.

This is the case with Galvanising vs Painted protective coating systems.  Whilst lead times may be an issue when galvanising steel the advantage is the process is a simple one that has not changed much in 200 years.   

Most painted systems used on structural steel require as  part of the system, blasting, prep, bottom coat, mid coat and top coat.  All of which require close monitoring and controls to ensure adhesion requirements due to dry times, environment, weather, humidity, dew point and other factors.   Galvanising on the other hand requires abrasive blasting (if required), cleaning (pickling), Galvanising (dipping) and QA, processes which are consistent with the result and coverage and not reliant on environmental factors.   

From this standpoint a saving in cost and time can be appreciable.

From the End Client’s perspective the advantages of moving to a galvanised system can be highlighted as follows:

1. Galvanized is generally the least expensive choice as opposed to other high spec labour intensive coating systems
2. Less maintenance in both short and long term scenarios.  Short term being damaged in transit to the manufacturing facility would need the system to be blasted and recoated in the required system & long term maintenance once in service.  
3. Longer life span.  Most projects now ask for 20+ years serviceability.  Galvanising on typical structural members have a life expectancy in excess of 100yrs
4. Durability – Galvanising due to its metallurgical structure provides outstanding resistance to damage during transport, erection and service as highlighted above
5. Fast assembly:  Once manufacture galvanised steel is ready for immediate use, unlike the painted systems, no time is lost on paint cure times with any touch ups, regardless of weather, can be applied in minutes.

The essence of the discussion for your next project when deciding on the protective coating system and construction method is what will be of most benefit in reducing time, reducing cost and providing longevity in a quality product.

Find out more about our Fabrication Inspections solutions and request a free consultation.

Why Clients Choose EQ-House

Why Clients are choosing EQ-House?

Why Clients are choosing EQ-House?


Our mission is to align ourselves with what is important to you, our Clients.  Our goals align with your needs.

As they say there is no “I” in team and when you engage with EQ-House we work as part of “your team”.

  • You want your E-House Tenders to be Faster and More Precise?
    • We have the tools and experience to get you winning more bids.
  • You want to reduce your E-House Design Submissions to Client?
    • Our team can support you in producing designs with precision & speed.
  • You want your vendors to provide more relevant project documentation?
    • Allow us to investigate and report where improvements can be made.
  • You want your vendors to deliver on schedule?
    • Let us propose a solution to improve productivity to reduce lead times.
  • You want a Happy Client and Repeat Business
    • Let us demonstrate our effectiveness by our actions.

We compliment our Clients expertise and help you create great projects. Check out some of our projects.


“Sometimes your only available transportation is A LEAP OF FAITH” -Margaret Shepard

2018 the year of EQ-House

In 2018 EQ-House are committed to growing relationships with our business partners. We help turn distressed projects into low risk outcomes. We can provide you with the right people and the right tools to improve profitability.

We strive under stressful situations and our expertise lends itself to understanding the intricacies of Switchrooms, E-Houses, Substations and E-House design, management and constructability.

Our knowledge and years of experience ensures that our solutions are contemporary and consistently updating with industry requirements. This is our strength and is reflected in our approach and behaviours and methodology.

At EQ-House we Evaluate, Observe and Develop tools to help your business in the 6 key elements to Successful E- House & Switchroom Projects.

Our approach is to place ourselves as part of our Client’s organisation, valued asset and the piece to complete the puzzle. There to enhance our clients success and mitigate risk.

If you’re not already familiar with our services and projects, 2018 is the perfect time to make contact with us 1300 360 545 and understand how we can help you and your business.