Building & Equipment arrangement optimisation

The footprint, layout and management of E-House equipment arrangement is essential to establish that there is correct balance and adequate pathways of travel in, through and about the building structure itself.


The EQ|House Design review team use a checklist to establish criteria that will ensure that the distribution of equipment throughout the building is balanced.  Distribution of heat loads is a very important aspect of building design and ensuring optimisation to provide thermal efficiency of the HVAC system is a critical element in this process.  Improving the performance of HVAC strategies can provide immediate reductions in energy use and energy costs for your Client.


We will check existing designs and ensure that all specified vendor’s equipment fits within the building envelope ensuring  distances between equipment, door clearances and pedestrian areas are inline with project specifications.


Other imperative decisions to be considered with regards to building layout and arrangement include appropriate determinations with regards to integrity and environmental issues including:

  • Fire ratings
  • Blast resistance
  • Lifting and Shipping
  • Cyclone or high wind regions
  • Seismic conditions/regions
  • Lightning Protection


Our team will identify within the local market the compliant materials that line up with the design to optimize product outputs and comply to project/client requirements.  Material selection plays an integral role in building load/efficiency ratings and constructability.  These factors dictate the building performance, production time and project schedule.


Getting the “Up Front Design Factors” right will determine schedule, quality and ultimately client confidence in you.  Choosing the EQ-House team is the right choice.


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