How to build an E-House anywhere in the world!

Despite typical belief, the E-House business model of building in a location Far from the intended final resting place is not always the best choice.  As a project team you are driven to make these decisions because your not confident in local vendor competency.


Forcing you to manufacture in a location that has higher labor costs, higher material costs and higher incurred transport expenses.  Location not only affects local costs it has forced impacts on design eg: Road transport vs Shipping – The associated forces on road transport are far less than what needs to be factored into the engineering than that of shipping.  All of these factors will impact design, build process, budget and schedule.


Stop thinking old school!  Our E-House specific design, estimation & QA/QC tools along with a few very key people will allow you to build anywhere in the world.  Enabling you to drive local teams to build a proven design and mitigate risks and prevent cost blowouts.  This not only benefits you with better labor rates, and little to no transportation costs but supports local economies.
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