Bricks & Mortar vs Modular Design

It’s a known fact that #Modular #EHouses are a more cost effective enterprise than Bricks & Mortar to build.  Research has clearly indicated a minimum of 15% cost difference between the two.

Another factor that has been traditionally overlooked is the fact that modular E-Houses due to a more efficient use of space achieve significantly better power usage effectiveness compared to that of the standard Brick & Mortar type structures.

This efficiency comes from E-House expertise and understanding how to optimize the design.  Unfortunately we see the common occurrence to revert to Brick & Mortar construction methods because that knowledge is simply not there.  Trust me when I say the 15% difference is understated, when you take into account the equipment installation, testing and commissioning.  The total cost variance will be far greater.

Further innovations in the design of Modular E-Houses will consistently see the product become ​l​ighter, ​fa​ster to build and more cost effective.

The EQ-House team have applied years of experience into R&D to produce a design and build process that is consistently evolving to suit the required environmental conditions for E-Houses.