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What may seem like benign questions or irrelevant at the time when you are racing to get a bid submitted quickly actually is critical to the process and ensures an accurate and optimised result.  This article explains the cruciality of asking questions upfront, and how ultimately it helps you the Client.

In every BID request we ask the following questions so we have fixed parameters and can advise the reality of the request.

  1. Who are the clients?
  2. What is in the specifications?
  3. What do they need?
  4. How long do we have?

Understanding these 4 simple questions assists greatly in getting it right up front.   

1: Knowing your client allows your business to tap into any corporate knowledge around past lessons learnt on other projects, client expectations, operating requirements and specifications.

This knowledge enables you to better engage with the client in the early stages be it tender preparation and when it progresses into project executions  

  1. Typically we see specifications for a ‘Switchroom’, however what other specifications are related to that document.  Confirming other related or precedent documents may be the difference in submitting a compliant BID or having to manage out issue during manufacture..   Know what you are including, excluding, deviating from or enhancing whenever you are providing a BID, because ‘It Matters’ and can affect Time, Cost, Quality, Risk and Resource.
  2. Ensuring that the detail set out within the project documentation and the expectation of the client interface are the same must be taken into account.  This is where the inclusions/exclusions list needs to be clear and concise so that changes can be managed prior to submission and stakeholder expectations are met .
  3.  When would you require it? Tomorrow..  We have all had this one, however do we need to accept it.   Having a realistic time frame to conduct a Bid review and collation of a tender takes more than ‘a couple’ of days.   Properly qualifying all of points listed previously and converting them to a comprehensive Tender document makes the difference between a successful project or a complete shambles.   The message here is push back if you have to and assess the Risk to the business before agreeing to the timeline.

The reality is in our ever demanding world getting put under the pump for a tender is not unusual, however by asking these 4 simple questions you may save yourself a lot of stress and avoid a costly mistake. Contact the team 1300 360 545.

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