3 ways to save money and risk on you E-House

Building, expanding, or updating an E-House is an exercise that takes time, money, and lots of planning. When handled the wrong way, it wastes time and money that’s better spent elsewhere. So, what’s the solution to saving money AND avoiding risk?

Contact EQ House

EQ-House is known Australia-wide and Globally. Various industries trust us to handle their e-house projects at any stage whether it’s the entire packaged solution or simply submitting tenders.

Because you’re contracting a professional, your company is greatly reducing risk in more than one area. Thanks to our comprehensive auditing systems, we know which vendors are best to build your switch room. If the project is already planned, we can audit that as well, reducing lead times and boosting efficiency.

Be VERY Specific About Your Needs

Oil and gas, Mining, Utilities, Rail,Renewable switchrooms; each industry has different needs. EQ-House’s specialised services are so efficient because we’re familiar with how they all work.

This is also thanks to customers being specific about what their projects need. Committing to a single decision, product, etc. saves time AND money. You’ll save cash on resources as well, if we do the vendor and project audits for your e-house.

Leave the rest to us

EQ-House’s Construction managers save money and reduce risk thanks to good, old-fashioned experience. Our safety measures guarantee that the final product is ready to use because we put it through a battery of tests, checking all the necessities off the list.

In the design stages, we can stop risks in their tracks. Our E-House designers can be contracted to do a design audit that will look over what you have at that stage. They’ll identify any red flags that must be fixed, or if there’s something that should be added or just do with some optimisation.


During the install, test and commissioning stage, EQ-House can supervise and oversee accuracy of testing plans from pre-install to integration. Inspections, managing subcontractors, and overseeing the delivery reduces any risks of the e-house not working well with the system it’s meant to connect with.