electrical switchroom

3 things we have to build you the perfect electrical switchroom

EQ-House’s clients are mainly large electrical or control systems companies that have a need for our specialist expertise. Safe to say, then, we know what to do to build the perfect electrical switchroom for any future and returning customers. How are we so confident? Well, we have three of the best things.

The Experts

EQ-House is young, but our experts have decades of combined experience. Whatever you need, we have it: Construction management, design, auditing, and commissioning all under one roof. Our leadership team made it to where they are today thanks to hard work and setting high standards for themselves.

An electric switchroom is a crucial piece of infrastructure that ties a whole site together. We don’t do things by halves, or just short of perfect. Our team of experts gets the job done right the first time, assuring delivery that’s on time and well within budget.

The Contacts

Creating and filing tenders is a drag for those who aren’t familiar with the process. So is finding a vendor, designer, and integration specialist…the list goes on.

Creating an electrical switchroom requires knowing who to contact, when to contact them, and how to find them. EQ-House’s team saves you this time when we take the work off your plate. We know the processes to go through and the right people to call. It doesn’t matter if you call us at the beginning of the electrical switchroom build, in the middle, or towards the end.

The Tech

We love using the tech at our disposal to help you build the perfect electrical switchroom. Our 3D automated  design solution will help you see what the finished product will look like. It’s very cool and very efficient for pointing out important aspects and changes.

Though EQ-House doesn’t build the electrical switchrooms themselves, we’re familiar with what’s needed to make them. Our site and building supervision teams know what to look for before and during the production process. This minimises the risk of accidents and faults on site.


EQ-House has built the ‘perfect electrical switchroom’ for clients around the world, from Australia to the Emirates. These are just three of the things we have to make you the perfect product, but there’s so much more you’ll have access to with us.