E-House Process Strategy & Training

The life-cycle for an efficient and effective E-House project is incredibly important and ultimately defines the success of your project.

Does your current process give you a cost effective and accurate estimate along with a well understood and clearly defined construction method?

The above process flow is unfortunately all too common amongst E-House projects leaving you chasing your tail trying to save the project rather than deliver it.  
With the EQ-House Process Strategy & Training implemented into your E-House business the outcomes will be more streamlined to look like this.

Efficiency in your Process & Design Flow is what defines the success of an E-House project.  Being adaptable to make quick changes leading up to Design Freeze can save you time during construction.  

The EQ-House Strategy Process & Training packages give your team the tools they need to streamline your project flow matrix.
Its an easy transition to make.  Contact our team on 1300 360 545



How to Build an E-House On-Shore Business

The 7 steps to a successful E-House business are quite simple.  However the experience and knowledge that allows these steps to materialise is not something that comes easy.


Steps to Success:
  1. Understand your strategy and people
  2. Know your markets and size
  3. Realise what you do well
  4. Be confident in Pricing it to win it
  5. Manage it correctly
  6. Design it right
  7. Know how to build it
The EQ-House team have worked with a number of large clients to help them make that transition into different E-House​ markets.


THE KEYS TO SUCCESS ARE IN YOUR HANDS, so contact us today to find out how a collaboration with EQ-House can diversify your business.