E-House Project Disasters

Does it feel like your E-House project is a ship heading for an iceberg?

  • Vendor out of control
  • Behind Schedule
  • Design Not resolved
  • QA/QC systems not in place

EQ-House have established a reputation of being the “Red Adair’s” of the E-House industry. We can come in and immediately conduct a project Audit outlining what is needed to bring the project back on track. Then at your discretion implement what is necessary to get the job done quickly.

Don’t leave it until the ship hits the iceberg and starts to sink.






Why choose the EQ-House Automated Design Solutions

Traditionally the approach to creating the E-House design goes through a number of steps where your engineers engage with the client side in a long back and forth process in an attempt to get it right.  Generally this requires a large amount of redlining & submissions.  Which ultimately eats into your project schedule and costs begin to climb.


“Stop Making it Hard on Yourself” – Wouldn’t you rather submit E-House designs to your client in one submission rather than six?


With the support of the EQ-House team and utilisation of software getting the E-House design solutions right has never been easier.  Make the right decision and you can mitigate blowouts in cost and time and deliver a truly satisfied customer.

Testing to avoid toasting!

With major electrical installations it is a critical safety practice to separate the scope of Electrical installation from Electrical testing.

To have the same entity check its own work is like marking your own exam paper, its just to tempting to let apparent little things go.

Electrically the smallest oversights can lead to the biggest incidents.  

In a recent project the absence of one overall testing and commissioning team and a succession of Electrical contractors resulted in a pair of LV terminations being missed.

Shortly after HV energisation a short in the LV cables lead to a critical bit of equipment being toasted, shutting down the HV installation.

EQ House to mitigate such issues occurring on a major infrastructure project in Australia, has helped its global OEM client to develop an Equipment Commissioning plan and provided the independent expertise to test and commission the installation prior to energisation.

Equipment tested & commissioned included 125vdc & 1500vdc, 33 & 11kV GIS and all the associated control and protection functions. Hipot, CT/VT verification, mechanical and electrical control functions were all part of the EQ House Equipment testing & commissioning scope.

With EQ House controls and documentation the electrical safety of the project was assured.

This work complements our scope of reviewing and approving the completion of the E-House built structures and services.

Want to know more about our projects or services then please contact us  1300 360 545


Lifting the bar on E-House Vendor QC Standards.

In a major Australian infrastructure project EQ-House has helped its global OEM client significantly improve the Quality Controls and outcomes of its E-House vendor.

While vendor Inspection Test Plan’s existed the EQ-Houses Construction Manager worked with the vendor to develop a more meaningful set of ITP’s, hold and witness points to match the project requirements.

The project time lines provided little latitude for reworks and post completion punch-listing. EQ-House applied its QC systems, templates, tools and expertise to intercept and correct issues early avoiding protracted post completion punch-listing.

By using EQ-Houses proprietary paperless web based tools for punch listing and equipment goods receipting issues were captured, reported and closed efficiently.

EQ House’s continued investment in QC tools and processes is being put to good effect to ensure the best possible E-House outcomes regardless of the vendors capabilities.  

Building & Equipment arrangement optimisation

The footprint, layout and management of E-House equipment arrangement is essential to establish that there is correct balance and adequate pathways of travel in, through and about the building structure itself.


The EQ|House Design review team use a checklist to establish criteria that will ensure that the distribution of equipment throughout the building is balanced.  Distribution of heat loads is a very important aspect of building design and ensuring optimisation to provide thermal efficiency of the HVAC system is a critical element in this process.  Improving the performance of HVAC strategies can provide immediate reductions in energy use and energy costs for your Client.


We will check existing designs and ensure that all specified vendor’s equipment fits within the building envelope ensuring  distances between equipment, door clearances and pedestrian areas are inline with project specifications.


Other imperative decisions to be considered with regards to building layout and arrangement include appropriate determinations with regards to integrity and environmental issues including:

  • Fire ratings
  • Blast resistance
  • Lifting and Shipping
  • Cyclone or high wind regions
  • Seismic conditions/regions
  • Lightning Protection


Our team will identify within the local market the compliant materials that line up with the design to optimize product outputs and comply to project/client requirements.  Material selection plays an integral role in building load/efficiency ratings and constructability.  These factors dictate the building performance, production time and project schedule.


Getting the “Up Front Design Factors” right will determine schedule, quality and ultimately client confidence in you.  Choosing the EQ-House team is the right choice.


Need a design consultation, contact us today http://www.eq-house.com/design-engineering


The Importance of project specification reviews for E-House builds

Technical specifications deserve special attention especially for complex equipment and challenging environments like Electrification.  This is not something you want to risk not having the right people with the right skills “running their eyes over”.  EQ|House have the resources and expertise to ensure that what is written and requested in your project specification;

  1. Meets code
  2. Is up-to-date with the latest industry requirements
  3. Is IEC or AS compliant


All too often specifications provided by the Client are a “cut and paste” of a previous or HOW and WHY of the build itself, so a thorough and proper review at the time of tender will enable you to request clarifications and information from the Client prior to your bid being finalised.  Ensuring that any technical issues are questioned and answered allowing your bid to satisfy the full requirements of the project at build stage.


Specifications provide the framework against which bid evaluation, inspection, tests and quality checks are made.  Failure to give this review process the time it deserves could turn out to be a costly mistake in the long run.   With many specifications combining different categories such as functionality, performance and technical details, having an external resources who understand the relationships between all three categories is essential to mitigate cost loss during and at the end of the project.


Part of the EQ|House TENDER PROCESS includes project specification and tender documentation review and the assistance to prepare on your behalf a schedule of inclusions, clarifications and deviations as identified from our review of all tender documentation.


Common concerns that we see include compliance with equipment placement within the E-House itself, Fire and HVAC installation and commissioning to meet various environmental conditions and applications.  More often these days projects are executed overseas but are targeted for your local market.  Here more than ever is where the project specification review and compliance is critical.
Remove the uncertainty from your next project, engage with EQ-House for a specification review via our website and one of our team will be in touch with you to assist with the most valuable stage of your next project.

Turkey-Phase 0 is just around the corner

Since May 8th this year EQ-House was asked to support a global OEM to bring back inline a large pipeline project in the middle east. Implementation of specific E-House tools and applications have allowed EQ-House to bring a large team of Turkish nationals back into focus, and drive the project like a well oiled machine.

Phase 0 is the first major milestone in the project for this client. With still a lot of work in front of us the milestone is looking good for completion. The target comprises of 60 buildings to be completed and transported by the end of July. With only 18 days remaining and 16 buildings to go for FAT completion, we are in a strong position.

EQ-House has rapidly implemented with great effect a wide range tools & process improvements based on existing EQ-House templates.

With the tools and processes in place and having trained the local teams how to use them, we expect in the near future to be able to move towards a far less intensive level of EQ-House engagement.

If your current or upcoming project could benefit from a project audit to assist with processes to improve productivity and quality, click here to request a no obligation solution appraisal today

​EQ-House Establishes Asia Footprint.

EQ-House has set up operations in Singapore in order to be closer to its global clients.

With a local entity and a team on the ground EQ-House will be able to better support its customer base, many of whom have regional offices in, or close to Singapore.

This expansion reflects the very strong growth of the EQH business. Growth that is product of a reputation for making things happen, made possible by experience and well resolved processes and tools.

Chris Sharman, who has an exceptional background with global projects is the Managing Director of EQ-House Asia Pte Ltd..

Let us help you mitigate risk and save time and money in your E-House projects. Please reach out to Chris (csharman@eq-house.com) or visit us at www.eq-house.com.

Is your business ready to offer a full turnkey solution?

Are you ready to “Go to Market”?


What does it truly mean for a Vendor to be ready to “go to market” on a tender or bid proposal?


For one it is about utilising their internal and external resources to deliver a unique proposal to their customers.  Secondly going to market is about achieving an advantage over your competitors.  This is where EQ-House can be helpful to recognise and enhance your overall proposition with your Client.


Our Services are available at any stage of the process, but we do encourage you to get EQ-House involved as quickly as possible to increase sales effectiveness through solution optimisation and product competence.


We pride ourselves on having a team that knows all facets of the E-House sector from initial bids, design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning.  Understanding the competition in the market is crucial, as crucial as understanding the risks involved in manufacturing switchrooms and our services help to mitigate long term and expensive risk to Vendors who traditionally have only been involved in the supply of switchgear, but now trying to cement themselves as a Vendor of choice to provide a full supply and construct or turnkey solution.


Recognising that today’s business requires a multifaceted, productive and innovative workforce that is ever evolving for each new and unique project, it is not feasible to be hiring and firing specialised staff.  EQ-House are your resourcing specialist in E-House solutions.


We can provide you with a proposal for the engagement of specialised team members who will integrate if required into your existing office environment working with your staff to assist them to build their knowledge base.  So not only do we integrate to assist with the project at hand, but we also leave having had upskilled your existing staff for future growth of your business.  Consider engaging our team to get the right skills, at the right time in the right place.


Our team is ready to help you with bid, design, training and QA solutions, contact us admin@eq-house.com or call one of our team 1300 360 545.

EQ-House continue growing their global presence

EQ-House have been engaged by a Global OEM on a large scale Project in Ankara, Turkey.

On this pipeline extension the construction of 80 Control rooms requires EQ-House to implement a planning process and apply controls to expedite the project schedule and ensure delivery on time. We will be required to implement strategies to reduce risk and apply mechanisms to improve quality. Communication and Cultural diversity will once again add a level of complexity to the process, however with the application of the EQ-House web based tools these issues can be minimized to allow our team support their clients needs.