E-House Project Disasters

Does it feel like your E-House project is a ship heading for an iceberg?

  • Vendor out of control
  • Behind Schedule
  • Design Not resolved
  • QA/QC systems not in place

EQ-House have established a reputation of being the “Red Adair’s” of the E-House industry. We can come in and immediately conduct a project Audit outlining what is needed to bring the project back on track. Then at your discretion implement what is necessary to get the job done quickly.

Don’t leave it until the ship hits the iceberg and starts to sink.






E-House Process Strategy & Training

The life-cycle for an efficient and effective E-House project is incredibly important and ultimately defines the success of your project.

Does your current process give you a cost effective and accurate estimate along with a well understood and clearly defined construction method?

The above process flow is unfortunately all too common amongst E-House projects leaving you chasing your tail trying to save the project rather than deliver it.  
With the EQ-House Process Strategy & Training implemented into your E-House business the outcomes will be more streamlined to look like this.

Efficiency in your Process & Design Flow is what defines the success of an E-House project.  Being adaptable to make quick changes leading up to Design Freeze can save you time during construction.  

The EQ-House Strategy Process & Training packages give your team the tools they need to streamline your project flow matrix.
Its an easy transition to make.  Contact our team on 1300 360 545



Integration Competence in E-House Management Personnel

EQ-House prides itself on having experienced Construction Managers that not only have #EHouse experience but have either come from or developed their skills in a variety of sectors in the construction industry.  Whether they came from Commercial or retail fitouts or multi-level construction, the defining difference is the ability to understand the importance of integration.  Knowing and Seeing before it happens mitigates a multitude of risks with structure, Architecture, Fire ratings, HVAC systems, Fire & Gas Systems and Small L&P systems.  

Could your business benefit from a specialist Integration Construction Manager?

At EQ-House our team is comprised of personnel who are experts in implementing and managing processes for integration development and governance.

When collaborating with us your project will benefit from a cooperative and coordinated construction sequence that will be managed based on an #E-House specific schedule.  We will leverage the competence and resources across all contractors to reduce project delivery times.

If the Design, Quality, HSE and Production phases of your project are a PRIORITY, then CONTACT US.

EQ-House have what it takes to get your project running on time and under-budget without

compromising on – safety, quality or time.


Importance of 3D E-House Designing

In order to perform detailed designs of pre-manufactured #substations it is preferential to perform three-dimensional (3D) modeling and analysis of the #E-House and associated equipment. The ability to view the #switchroom in 3D and examine the spatial inter-connectivity of all equipment is an extremely valuable tool. The EQ-House Automated design tools capture all of the integrated families to produce a drawing set ready for manufacture.

No need for shop drawings….You are ready to build!

Contact our design team to find out how quickly you can be manufacturing your next project.


Bricks & Mortar vs Modular Design

It’s a known fact that #Modular #EHouses are a more cost effective enterprise than Bricks & Mortar to build.  Research has clearly indicated a minimum of 15% cost difference between the two.

Another factor that has been traditionally overlooked is the fact that modular E-Houses due to a more efficient use of space achieve significantly better power usage effectiveness compared to that of the standard Brick & Mortar type structures.

This efficiency comes from E-House expertise and understanding how to optimize the design.  Unfortunately we see the common occurrence to revert to Brick & Mortar construction methods because that knowledge is simply not there.  Trust me when I say the 15% difference is understated, when you take into account the equipment installation, testing and commissioning.  The total cost variance will be far greater.

Further innovations in the design of Modular E-Houses will consistently see the product become ​l​ighter, ​fa​ster to build and more cost effective.

The EQ-House team have applied years of experience into R&D to produce a design and build process that is consistently evolving to suit the required environmental conditions for E-Houses.


How to build an E-House anywhere in the world!

Despite typical belief, the E-House business model of building in a location Far from the intended final resting place is not always the best choice.  As a project team you are driven to make these decisions because your not confident in local vendor competency.


Forcing you to manufacture in a location that has higher labor costs, higher material costs and higher incurred transport expenses.  Location not only affects local costs it has forced impacts on design eg: Road transport vs Shipping – The associated forces on road transport are far less than what needs to be factored into the engineering than that of shipping.  All of these factors will impact design, build process, budget and schedule.


Stop thinking old school!  Our E-House specific design, estimation & QA/QC tools along with a few very key people will allow you to build anywhere in the world.  Enabling you to drive local teams to build a proven design and mitigate risks and prevent cost blowouts.  This not only benefits you with better labor rates, and little to no transportation costs but supports local economies.
Enquire to find out our best local vendor selection in your location. http://www.eq-house.com/project-execution-support/

How to Build an E-House On-Shore Business

The 7 steps to a successful E-House business are quite simple.  However the experience and knowledge that allows these steps to materialise is not something that comes easy.


Steps to Success:
  1. Understand your strategy and people
  2. Know your markets and size
  3. Realise what you do well
  4. Be confident in Pricing it to win it
  5. Manage it correctly
  6. Design it right
  7. Know how to build it
The EQ-House team have worked with a number of large clients to help them make that transition into different E-House​ markets.


THE KEYS TO SUCCESS ARE IN YOUR HANDS, so contact us today to find out how a collaboration with EQ-House can diversify your business.

Why choose the EQ-House Automated Design Solutions

Traditionally the approach to creating the E-House design goes through a number of steps where your engineers engage with the client side in a long back and forth process in an attempt to get it right.  Generally this requires a large amount of redlining & submissions.  Which ultimately eats into your project schedule and costs begin to climb.


“Stop Making it Hard on Yourself” – Wouldn’t you rather submit E-House designs to your client in one submission rather than six?


With the support of the EQ-House team and utilisation of software getting the E-House design solutions right has never been easier.  Make the right decision and you can mitigate blowouts in cost and time and deliver a truly satisfied customer.

Testing to avoid toasting!

With major electrical installations it is a critical safety practice to separate the scope of Electrical installation from Electrical testing.

To have the same entity check its own work is like marking your own exam paper, its just to tempting to let apparent little things go.

Electrically the smallest oversights can lead to the biggest incidents.  

In a recent project the absence of one overall testing and commissioning team and a succession of Electrical contractors resulted in a pair of LV terminations being missed.

Shortly after HV energisation a short in the LV cables lead to a critical bit of equipment being toasted, shutting down the HV installation.

EQ House to mitigate such issues occurring on a major infrastructure project in Australia, has helped its global OEM client to develop an Equipment Commissioning plan and provided the independent expertise to test and commission the installation prior to energisation.

Equipment tested & commissioned included 125vdc & 1500vdc, 33 & 11kV GIS and all the associated control and protection functions. Hipot, CT/VT verification, mechanical and electrical control functions were all part of the EQ House Equipment testing & commissioning scope.

With EQ House controls and documentation the electrical safety of the project was assured.

This work complements our scope of reviewing and approving the completion of the E-House built structures and services.

Want to know more about our projects or services then please contact us  1300 360 545



3 ways to save money and risk on you E-House

Building, expanding, or updating an E-House is an exercise that takes time, money, and lots of planning. When handled the wrong way, it wastes time and money that’s better spent elsewhere. So, what’s the solution to saving money AND avoiding risk?

Contact EQ House

EQ-House is known Australia-wide and Globally. Various industries trust us to handle their e-house projects at any stage whether it’s the entire packaged solution or simply submitting tenders.

Because you’re contracting a professional, your company is greatly reducing risk in more than one area. Thanks to our comprehensive auditing systems, we know which vendors are best to build your switch room. If the project is already planned, we can audit that as well, reducing lead times and boosting efficiency.

Be VERY Specific About Your Needs

Oil and gas, Mining, Utilities, Rail,Renewable switchrooms; each industry has different needs. EQ-House’s specialised services are so efficient because we’re familiar with how they all work.

This is also thanks to customers being specific about what their projects need. Committing to a single decision, product, etc. saves time AND money. You’ll save cash on resources as well, if we do the vendor and project audits for your e-house.

Leave the rest to us

EQ-House’s Construction managers save money and reduce risk thanks to good, old-fashioned experience. Our safety measures guarantee that the final product is ready to use because we put it through a battery of tests, checking all the necessities off the list.

In the design stages, we can stop risks in their tracks. Our E-House designers can be contracted to do a design audit that will look over what you have at that stage. They’ll identify any red flags that must be fixed, or if there’s something that should be added or just do with some optimisation.


During the install, test and commissioning stage, EQ-House can supervise and oversee accuracy of testing plans from pre-install to integration. Inspections, managing subcontractors, and overseeing the delivery reduces any risks of the e-house not working well with the system it’s meant to connect with.