Rail Oil and Mining

Reducing your risk in the E-House Design/Build Stage

Rail Oil and Mining

Reducing your risk in the E-House Design/Build Stage


Typically the OEM or EPC goes to market to a number of E-House vendors which in turn submit to client their own standard design concepts, usually without any real thought to the actual project needs. I hear this all too often – “We have been building them like this for years!”.

Does this make it efficient or practical to the project from an engineering or logistical perspective? In reality, No!

As we know the E-House market is spread across several spaces in which we could summarize within the Market Pyramid. At the top and most competitive is Oil & Gas (Smallest Market Group), in the middle is Mining/Metals, Infrastructure, Rail and Utilities (Largest Market Group) and at the base of the Pyramid is Renewables etc. How do you select a vendor that is most suitable for these different groups. If your an Oil & Gas vendor you are used to high spec, heavy engineering and use software that is specific to this. If your a Mining & Metals vendor your will be well suited to lightweight stick builds that offer a fast production time. From a client’s perspective this is like speaking another language as they are simply looking for someone to build it.

As the OEM or the EPC in this equation, the obvious alternative is to address your “Go to Market” process. Don’t “Go to Market” looking for 3 different vendors who will submit 3 different designs – this is time consuming and not practical. The solution is to engage the experts – at EQ-House we will review your specs or create them if they don’t exist. From this an experienced team will create your design utilizing our 3D BIM software that is the most practical design solution for your market space. As the client this benefits you not only from consistency in build method but you will also have a clear understanding of cost to market.

This may seem like your adding a step to your process matrix but in actual reality you are removing a large number of activities, reducing your risk and submissions to client.

Can your project bottom line afford not to engage with professionals in the E-House space?


Coating Systems HDG vs Painted

E-House Coating Systems – HDG vs Painted

Continuing on the E-house build series from our article BOLTED vs WELDED discussion the first hurdle is client acceptance when recommending Galvanised vs Painted.

In some instances the client will not budge on the specification, however if the advantages are made clear their position may change to allow an ‘enhancement or deviation’ to the original specification.

This is the case with Galvanising vs Painted protective coating systems.  Whilst lead times may be an issue when galvanising steel the advantage is the process is a simple one that has not changed much in 200 years.   

Most painted systems used on structural steel require as  part of the system, blasting, prep, bottom coat, mid coat and top coat.  All of which require close monitoring and controls to ensure adhesion requirements due to dry times, environment, weather, humidity, dew point and other factors.   Galvanising on the other hand requires abrasive blasting (if required), cleaning (pickling), Galvanising (dipping) and QA, processes which are consistent with the result and coverage and not reliant on environmental factors.   

From this standpoint a saving in cost and time can be appreciable.

From the End Client’s perspective the advantages of moving to a galvanised system can be highlighted as follows:

1. Galvanized is generally the least expensive choice as opposed to other high spec labour intensive coating systems
2. Less maintenance in both short and long term scenarios.  Short term being damaged in transit to the manufacturing facility would need the system to be blasted and recoated in the required system & long term maintenance once in service.  
3. Longer life span.  Most projects now ask for 20+ years serviceability.  Galvanising on typical structural members have a life expectancy in excess of 100yrs
4. Durability – Galvanising due to its metallurgical structure provides outstanding resistance to damage during transport, erection and service as highlighted above
5. Fast assembly:  Once manufacture galvanised steel is ready for immediate use, unlike the painted systems, no time is lost on paint cure times with any touch ups, regardless of weather, can be applied in minutes.

The essence of the discussion for your next project when deciding on the protective coating system and construction method is what will be of most benefit in reducing time, reducing cost and providing longevity in a quality product.

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Bigger is Better

Why did you make the steelwork so heavy?

Bigger is Better

It’s the most common question asked of every engineering design firm when they provide their E-house design submission for review. The moment the client  believes the steelwork has too much in it, or the fabricator thinks all the steel beams are bigger than they’re supposed to be, the engineer is immediately targeted with being over cautious or too conservative.

The reality is the experience of the Design Engineer or Design Firm is what drives the Switchroom design outcomes.  Unfortunately, more often than not the client and fabricator are correct and the structural component of the E-House is overcooked.  

Being over-conservative with our designs or using overly-conservative factors of safety, the presumption is that design firms are risk-averse and too busy protecting themselves rather than designing efficient structures. The  design engineer is criticised if a structure is too thick or too heavy – and yet he’s liable if the floor deflection requirements don’t meet spec, or – worse still – jailed for criminal negligence if the structure collapses and a fatality occurs.

You can appreciate where the “bigger is better” when it comes to steelwork has crept into the design industry.


Enter EQ-House:

EQ-House has the tools and specialised experience to help you get the correct balance between overly-conservative and efficient structural design using the latest technologies and identifying the most suitable steel materials dependent on project requirements and location on the globe.  The EQ-House 3D BIM software not only produces your for manufacture set quickly it identifies the most suitable materials from an engineering perspective that will not overcook your design.  .

So next time your firm submits a design for review and your met with “Why did you make the steelwork so heavy?”, give it some thought, and if you are unsure give EQ-House a call. Happy to help.

Bolted vs Welded connections

Bolted vs Welded connections

With ever increasing demands on ‘Time and Budget’ the debate is often raised around whether to go ‘bolted or welded‘, when looking at manufacturing an E-House or Switchroom.


Traditionally most North American businesses prefer a welded system, whereas Australia, Asia and Europe have looked at the bolted system as a more lean alternative, so resolving if ‘the client will accept’, a bolted connection over a welded system needs to be resolved.


So how do you win the discussion for the benefit of both parties, firsts things to consider are vendor facility and process:

  • Do they have the floor space?
  • Where is the facility located in regard to painting or galvanizing workshops.?
  • Do they have overhead cranes?


All of these elements point to one thing ‘Cost reduction’ as a bolted system allows flexibility in both manufacturing and logistics.    


Consider we have five (5) 19m x 4.5m building baseframes to manufacture – if the fabricator doesn’t have to ‘fill’ their shed with welded frames, but can instead manufacture in stick form, handle and transport to the protective coating shop, (whether internally or externally) then ship directly to a facility or site for assembly as opposed to the construction and logistical issues around handling, lifting, transporting and set down of a welded baseframe, the client then begins to see a cost benefit.   


Further benefits on time and budget is that ‘stick build’ can be manufactured quickly with beamline systems meaning the steelwork for 5 buildings could be completed and available and less cost and considerably less time than the more conventional welded frame.


And from a logistics standpoint life is made easier with single truck loads of steel instead of oversize or wide loads to and from the paint shop.  


Any reduction in time during the manufacturing processes benefits the project immeasurably and offers the ability and flexibility of the ‘OEM’ to deliver on Time, within budget and to a satisfied customer.


Make sure to follow our Linkedin Page to follow our series of cost savings in your baseframe design and fabrication.  Next time we will discuss Galvanised vs Painted systems, which again benefit to both time and cost.

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Why Clients Choose EQ-House

Why Clients are choosing EQ-House?

Why Clients are choosing EQ-House?


Our mission is to align ourselves with what is important to you, our Clients.  Our goals align with your needs.

As they say there is no “I” in team and when you engage with EQ-House we work as part of “your team”.

  • You want your E-House Tenders to be Faster and More Precise?
    • We have the tools and experience to get you winning more bids.
  • You want to reduce your E-House Design Submissions to Client?
    • Our team can support you in producing designs with precision & speed.
  • You want your vendors to provide more relevant project documentation?
    • Allow us to investigate and report where improvements can be made.
  • You want your vendors to deliver on schedule?
    • Let us propose a solution to improve productivity to reduce lead times.
  • You want a Happy Client and Repeat Business
    • Let us demonstrate our effectiveness by our actions.

We compliment our Clients expertise and help you create great projects. Check out some of our projects. http://www.eq-house.com/projects-home/


design GA

How Important is your E-house Design GA?

The importance of a good design GA

Even the most competent of Engineers can struggle with the best starting point for preparing their E-house Design GA . The most competent of Engineers often have concerns about accepting the challenge of completing, what can sometimes be challenging E-house arrangements.  EQ-House provide a level of expert oversight that gets your starting point for design “on-point” even if you have limited documentation at your disposal.


At best you may receive the following documents and information:

  • Specifications
  • Clients Equipment
  • Conceptual Design from EPC or End User

So without the benefit of having all of the information required at your disposal, where do you start?   Generally at tender or at the early stages​ of the project​, no-one usually knows what exactly is going into the building, including the end user.  The reality is the only way forward from your perspective is to take what you know and apply this to whatever documentation that is available to come up with the best possible design GA.  


This approach may come with concerns about whether the building is too large or over engineered?  More than likely, from our experience this will be the case unfortunately.

The reality is you are engineering the best design you can, all things considered. From here though is where your next decision will make a difference, do you submit the design to the client and have it returned with red pen all over it?  Or do you have it peer reviewed by a third party?

It’s always a good idea to have your work reviewed especially at such a critical stage. 

The EQ-house team of professionals have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to E-house designs to know how and where to optimize your design. Asking for a review at this stage will reduce your design schedule milestones and have you moving into Stage 2 quickly.

The GA is the foundation of your E-House design, getting it right is important not just for the client but this helps you save money and improve on build time.

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2018 the year of EQ-House

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We strive under stressful situations and our expertise lends itself to understanding the intricacies of Switchrooms, E-Houses, Substations and E-House design, management and constructability.

Our knowledge and years of experience ensures that our solutions are contemporary and consistently updating with industry requirements. This is our strength and is reflected in our approach and behaviours and methodology.

At EQ-House we Evaluate, Observe and Develop tools to help your business in the 6 key elements to Successful E- House & Switchroom Projects.

Our approach is to place ourselves as part of our Client’s organisation, valued asset and the piece to complete the puzzle. There to enhance our clients success and mitigate risk.

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Success in Project Management or Construction Management requires learning as fast as the Project Environment is changing.

The EQ-House Construction & Project Management team have the ability to plan efficiently rather than react to the declining situation. The years of experience combined with “Tried & Tested” #Ehouse manufacturing processes make them the perfect choice to bring your project back on track.

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