Rail Oil and Mining

Reducing your risk in the E-House Design/Build Stage

Rail Oil and Mining

Reducing your risk in the E-House Design/Build Stage


Typically the OEM or EPC goes to market to a number of E-House vendors which in turn submit to client their own standard design concepts, usually without any real thought to the actual project needs. I hear this all too often – “We have been building them like this for years!”.

Does this make it efficient or practical to the project from an engineering or logistical perspective? In reality, No!

As we know the E-House market is spread across several spaces in which we could summarize within the Market Pyramid. At the top and most competitive is Oil & Gas (Smallest Market Group), in the middle is Mining/Metals, Infrastructure, Rail and Utilities (Largest Market Group) and at the base of the Pyramid is Renewables etc. How do you select a vendor that is most suitable for these different groups. If your an Oil & Gas vendor you are used to high spec, heavy engineering and use software that is specific to this. If your a Mining & Metals vendor your will be well suited to lightweight stick builds that offer a fast production time. From a client’s perspective this is like speaking another language as they are simply looking for someone to build it.

As the OEM or the EPC in this equation, the obvious alternative is to address your “Go to Market” process. Don’t “Go to Market” looking for 3 different vendors who will submit 3 different designs – this is time consuming and not practical. The solution is to engage the experts – at EQ-House we will review your specs or create them if they don’t exist. From this an experienced team will create your design utilizing our 3D BIM software that is the most practical design solution for your market space. As the client this benefits you not only from consistency in build method but you will also have a clear understanding of cost to market.

This may seem like your adding a step to your process matrix but in actual reality you are removing a large number of activities, reducing your risk and submissions to client.

Can your project bottom line afford not to engage with professionals in the E-House space?

Bigger is Better

Why did you make the steelwork so heavy?

Bigger is Better

It’s the most common question asked of every engineering design firm when they provide their E-house design submission for review. The moment the client  believes the steelwork has too much in it, or the fabricator thinks all the steel beams are bigger than they’re supposed to be, the engineer is immediately targeted with being over cautious or too conservative.

The reality is the experience of the Design Engineer or Design Firm is what drives the Switchroom design outcomes.  Unfortunately, more often than not the client and fabricator are correct and the structural component of the E-House is overcooked.  

Being over-conservative with our designs or using overly-conservative factors of safety, the presumption is that design firms are risk-averse and too busy protecting themselves rather than designing efficient structures. The  design engineer is criticised if a structure is too thick or too heavy – and yet he’s liable if the floor deflection requirements don’t meet spec, or – worse still – jailed for criminal negligence if the structure collapses and a fatality occurs.

You can appreciate where the “bigger is better” when it comes to steelwork has crept into the design industry.


Enter EQ-House:

EQ-House has the tools and specialised experience to help you get the correct balance between overly-conservative and efficient structural design using the latest technologies and identifying the most suitable steel materials dependent on project requirements and location on the globe.  The EQ-House 3D BIM software not only produces your for manufacture set quickly it identifies the most suitable materials from an engineering perspective that will not overcook your design.  .

So next time your firm submits a design for review and your met with “Why did you make the steelwork so heavy?”, give it some thought, and if you are unsure give EQ-House a call. Happy to help.

design GA

How Important is your E-house Design GA?

The importance of a good design GA

Even the most competent of Engineers can struggle with the best starting point for preparing their E-house Design GA . The most competent of Engineers often have concerns about accepting the challenge of completing, what can sometimes be challenging E-house arrangements.  EQ-House provide a level of expert oversight that gets your starting point for design “on-point” even if you have limited documentation at your disposal.


At best you may receive the following documents and information:

  • Specifications
  • Clients Equipment
  • Conceptual Design from EPC or End User

So without the benefit of having all of the information required at your disposal, where do you start?   Generally at tender or at the early stages​ of the project​, no-one usually knows what exactly is going into the building, including the end user.  The reality is the only way forward from your perspective is to take what you know and apply this to whatever documentation that is available to come up with the best possible design GA.  


This approach may come with concerns about whether the building is too large or over engineered?  More than likely, from our experience this will be the case unfortunately.

The reality is you are engineering the best design you can, all things considered. From here though is where your next decision will make a difference, do you submit the design to the client and have it returned with red pen all over it?  Or do you have it peer reviewed by a third party?

It’s always a good idea to have your work reviewed especially at such a critical stage. 

The EQ-house team of professionals have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to E-house designs to know how and where to optimize your design. Asking for a review at this stage will reduce your design schedule milestones and have you moving into Stage 2 quickly.

The GA is the foundation of your E-House design, getting it right is important not just for the client but this helps you save money and improve on build time.

Contact the EQ-House team: http://www.eq-house.com/design-engineering

Importance of 3D E-House Designing

In order to perform detailed designs of pre-manufactured #substations it is preferential to perform three-dimensional (3D) modeling and analysis of the #E-House and associated equipment. The ability to view the #switchroom in 3D and examine the spatial inter-connectivity of all equipment is an extremely valuable tool. The EQ-House Automated design tools capture all of the integrated families to produce a drawing set ready for manufacture.

No need for shop drawings….You are ready to build!

Contact our design team to find out how quickly you can be manufacturing your next project.


Bricks & Mortar vs Modular Design

It’s a known fact that #Modular #EHouses are a more cost effective enterprise than Bricks & Mortar to build.  Research has clearly indicated a minimum of 15% cost difference between the two.

Another factor that has been traditionally overlooked is the fact that modular E-Houses due to a more efficient use of space achieve significantly better power usage effectiveness compared to that of the standard Brick & Mortar type structures.

This efficiency comes from E-House expertise and understanding how to optimize the design.  Unfortunately we see the common occurrence to revert to Brick & Mortar construction methods because that knowledge is simply not there.  Trust me when I say the 15% difference is understated, when you take into account the equipment installation, testing and commissioning.  The total cost variance will be far greater.

Further innovations in the design of Modular E-Houses will consistently see the product become ​l​ighter, ​fa​ster to build and more cost effective.

The EQ-House team have applied years of experience into R&D to produce a design and build process that is consistently evolving to suit the required environmental conditions for E-Houses.


Why choose the EQ-House Automated Design Solutions

Traditionally the approach to creating the E-House design goes through a number of steps where your engineers engage with the client side in a long back and forth process in an attempt to get it right.  Generally this requires a large amount of redlining & submissions.  Which ultimately eats into your project schedule and costs begin to climb.


“Stop Making it Hard on Yourself” – Wouldn’t you rather submit E-House designs to your client in one submission rather than six?


With the support of the EQ-House team and utilisation of software getting the E-House design solutions right has never been easier.  Make the right decision and you can mitigate blowouts in cost and time and deliver a truly satisfied customer.


3 ways to save money and risk on you E-House

Building, expanding, or updating an E-House is an exercise that takes time, money, and lots of planning. When handled the wrong way, it wastes time and money that’s better spent elsewhere. So, what’s the solution to saving money AND avoiding risk?

Contact EQ House

EQ-House is known Australia-wide and Globally. Various industries trust us to handle their e-house projects at any stage whether it’s the entire packaged solution or simply submitting tenders.

Because you’re contracting a professional, your company is greatly reducing risk in more than one area. Thanks to our comprehensive auditing systems, we know which vendors are best to build your switch room. If the project is already planned, we can audit that as well, reducing lead times and boosting efficiency.

Be VERY Specific About Your Needs

Oil and gas, Mining, Utilities, Rail,Renewable switchrooms; each industry has different needs. EQ-House’s specialised services are so efficient because we’re familiar with how they all work.

This is also thanks to customers being specific about what their projects need. Committing to a single decision, product, etc. saves time AND money. You’ll save cash on resources as well, if we do the vendor and project audits for your e-house.

Leave the rest to us

EQ-House’s Construction managers save money and reduce risk thanks to good, old-fashioned experience. Our safety measures guarantee that the final product is ready to use because we put it through a battery of tests, checking all the necessities off the list.

In the design stages, we can stop risks in their tracks. Our E-House designers can be contracted to do a design audit that will look over what you have at that stage. They’ll identify any red flags that must be fixed, or if there’s something that should be added or just do with some optimisation.


During the install, test and commissioning stage, EQ-House can supervise and oversee accuracy of testing plans from pre-install to integration. Inspections, managing subcontractors, and overseeing the delivery reduces any risks of the e-house not working well with the system it’s meant to connect with.

electrical switchroom

3 things we have to build you the perfect electrical switchroom

EQ-House’s clients are mainly large electrical or control systems companies that have a need for our specialist expertise. Safe to say, then, we know what to do to build the perfect electrical switchroom for any future and returning customers. How are we so confident? Well, we have three of the best things.

The Experts

EQ-House is young, but our experts have decades of combined experience. Whatever you need, we have it: Construction management, design, auditing, and commissioning all under one roof. Our leadership team made it to where they are today thanks to hard work and setting high standards for themselves.

An electric switchroom is a crucial piece of infrastructure that ties a whole site together. We don’t do things by halves, or just short of perfect. Our team of experts gets the job done right the first time, assuring delivery that’s on time and well within budget.

The Contacts

Creating and filing tenders is a drag for those who aren’t familiar with the process. So is finding a vendor, designer, and integration specialist…the list goes on.

Creating an electrical switchroom requires knowing who to contact, when to contact them, and how to find them. EQ-House’s team saves you this time when we take the work off your plate. We know the processes to go through and the right people to call. It doesn’t matter if you call us at the beginning of the electrical switchroom build, in the middle, or towards the end.

The Tech

We love using the tech at our disposal to help you build the perfect electrical switchroom. Our 3D automated  design solution will help you see what the finished product will look like. It’s very cool and very efficient for pointing out important aspects and changes.

Though EQ-House doesn’t build the electrical switchrooms themselves, we’re familiar with what’s needed to make them. Our site and building supervision teams know what to look for before and during the production process. This minimises the risk of accidents and faults on site.


EQ-House has built the ‘perfect electrical switchroom’ for clients around the world, from Australia to the Emirates. These are just three of the things we have to make you the perfect product, but there’s so much more you’ll have access to with us.